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The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival - selections program 2 


Directors Name: lanka haouche perren

Producers Name : lanka haouche perren

Synopsis: Les Questions Élémentales is an experimental film routed in the elements and vision of Irish artist Clare Langan’s films. From Langan’s predominant theme; the relentless force of nature overwhelming mankind, Les Questions Élémentales reveals new planes on how the chemistry of elements fosters life and traces our origins. Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland Selected and screened for competition at Aesthetica Short Film Festival (U.K), 57th Corona Cork Film Festival, 6th Zebra Poetry Film Festival (Berlin), Galway Film Fleadh, Kerry Film Festival.


Directors Name: Roel Jetze van Assen

Producers Name : Roel Jetze van Assen

Poet: Charles Bukowski

Synopsis: An original take on the poem 'The Last Days of the Suicide Kid' by Bukowski. An old man, reminiscing about his younger days and what could have been. Narrated by Bukowski himself.


Directors Name: Rob Lycett

Poet:  Gaia Holmes

Synopsis: 'Exposure' is a poem by Gaia Holmes which describes the scene of a car boot sale, where peoples lives are sold, via the objects they once owned. The film by Rob Lycett uses cine footage sourced at such sales, juxtaposing the poem with moving images of unknown people in unknown places. Made for the Huddersfield Literature Festival 2011 ©2011 Rob Lycett Voice; Gaia Holmes Images: Anonymous found footage (8mm cine) 'Exposure' by Gaia Holmes, from 'Dr James Graham's Celestial Bed'. Published by Comma Press ©2006 Gaia Holmes

Artist Statement : Rob Lycett is an artist and educator who lives in the Upper Calder Valley in West Yorshire, England. He currently lectures in art and design at the University of Huddersfield. His art practice is a collection of acts of poetic ‘stillness’ performed within various analogue and digital media, taking the form of films, books, designs, drawings, writings, digital installations and live performances. These acts are contextualized by drawing upon the literary theories of the ‘Ouvroir de littérature potentielle’ (Oulipo) and the writings of Barthes and Deleuze.


Directors Name: Kate Greenstreet 

Producers Name : Kate Greenstreet 

Poet: Kate Greenstreet

Kate Greenstreet's new book Young Tambling is just out from Ahshata Press.Her previous books are case sensitive and The Last 4 Things, also with Ahsahta. Her poetry can be found in Colorado Review,Boston Review, VoltFence, Chicago Review, and other journals.


Directors Name: Marc Neys aka SWOON

Producers Name : Marc Neys

Poet: Erica Goss

Synopsis: Film by Swoon for the poem 'Darkroom' written & read by Erica Goss. Words & voice: Erica Goss - ericagoss.com/ Cinematography: Alastair Cook - alastaircook.com/ Concept editing music: Swoon - swoon-bildos.be/

Artist Statement : Marc Neys aka Swoon, born 1968, lives in Mechelen (Belgium). He has produced over 100 videopoems and soundscapes. He collaborated with various writers in different languages and his films and shorts were shown at international Festivals.

This year, Swoon has been asked to co-curate the first Filmpoem Festival (2-4/8/13, Dunbar, Scotland) alongside Alastair Cook, Luca Nasciuti and Dave Bonta.


Afterlight is a short hand made film that explores both one's inherent darkness and one's inherent lightness. Every frame was made with charcoal on paper (sometimes each frame was drawn up to eight times) and then composited digitally.

Directors Name: Timothy David Orme

Producers Name : Timothy David Orme

Poet: Timothy David Orme


Directors Name: Shabnam Piryaei

Poet: Shabnam Piryaei

Synopsis: Incorporating original poetry and music, this film explores the resilience of children in circumstances of trauma and loneliness, particularly their use of imagination as a tool for endurance and escape.


Directors Name: manuel vilarinho

Producers Name : José moreira

Synopsis: A love letter to Portugal.


Directors Name: Matt Mullins

Producers Name : Matt Mullins

Poet: Matt Mullins

Synopsis: Oral Roberts tells you how Matt Mullins thinks it is.

Artist Statement : I came across this Oral Roberts sermon online one day. What breadcrumb trail led me to such an unlikely place, I can't recall. But inside the sermon I saw something beyond what it was saying on the surface. I saw a poem in praise of rational humanism revealing what I feel is the ultimate truth: In the end, it's humanity that's holy. Our bodies with their flaws and potential. So I de/reconsrtructed Robert's sermon and used his voice to deliver my words about that revelation.


Directors Name: Jerimiah Whitlock

Synopsis: "The impact of art on the individual is variable by its very nature. In this piece, a young boy living in poverty and hunger was shown Warhol's 32 Campbell's Soup Cans in his art class. His adult self later reflects on that experience."

Artist Statement : "Poetry is traditionally disseminated by the written word or the act of the poet reading to an audience. By creating video poems that not only share the written word but illustrate it in layers of sound, visuals, vocals, and even translations to other languages, the artist hope to help put to rest the idea that poetry is dead. Indeed, it is a form or art that can live as anything from sculpture, to performance, to film. Poetry is one of our oldest known forms of structured communication. Our hope is to see it grow older by bringing it to wider audiences in modern ways. Poetry deserves the eternal life. One day we hope to see an elaborate library dedicated only to poetry in all its modern forms, including shelves and shelves of video poetry. Let no one hunger for verse."


Directors Name: Kath MacLean

Producers Name : Oops Design

Poet: Kathryn MacLean

Synopsis: Kath MacLean Doo-Da-Doo-Daa Synopsis: (5:29) Doo-Da-Doo-Da relives modernist writer, Katherine Mansfield’s terrifying experience of the bombing Paris in March 1915. Alone in a foreign country, she watches the night sky from her lover’s window wanting the comfort of John, then resenting him, wants him again. Bemoaning a war no one understands, Mansfield becomes the daring dancing girl in the sky everyone watches undress. In the background we hear Doo-Da-Doo-Daa repeated over & again as the trumpet warns us of a battle raging outside of the city & in the heart of this young woman.

Artist Statement : Kath MacLean MacLean is a multi-media artist living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and film have earned her many awards. Kat Among the Tigers (2011) and its accompanying videopoem, Doo-Da-Doo-Da are her most recent works.


Directors Name: Jack Wake-Walker

Producers Name : Jack Wake-Walker

Poet: Jorge Luis Borges

Synopsis: The flowing river of time is endless and inevitable - so why do people kid themselves into thinking their life stands still? This film presents a journey through a man's collected moments, touching on many human issues including childhood, tradition, love and voyeurism. A poetic narration crafted from the words of Jorge Luis Borges accompanies.

Artist Statement : All the footage was shot on a mobile phone then recorded again off a laptop screen - this was to accentuate one of the film's themes that technology, and in particular digital screens, seem to create barriers to reality. The narration was artificially constructed from a series of lectures by Borges about poetry. Single words and phrases were chopped up to create a new poetic discourse that aligns with the footage.


Directors Name: Vessela Dantcheva

Producers Name : Ebele Okoye

Poet: Kurt Schwitters

Synopsis: Anna Blume is a visual poetry about the lust of a man chasing a woman. The story takes on surreal journey dictated by the mind of the poet. Lust and ingestion, disguised in love, drive the two characters to an end where love turns to be a very lonesome and strange place. The film is based on and inspired by the emblematic love poem from 1919 "An Anna Blume" by Kurt Schwitters.


Directors Name: Ian Keteku

Producers Name : Partus Films

Poet: Ian Keteku

Synopsis: Partus Films presents KAY. Watch and listen as 2010 World Poetry Slam Champion Ian Keteku recounts the story of one of the worlds deadliest forces. A journey of pain and passion through metaphor.

Artist Statement : Message from the Poet In May of 2008 I traveled to Rwanda as part of a Carleton University directed program to work as a reporter and editor of an urban youth magazine called Blink. Rwanda is such a beautiful place but there is a history which is less than gorgeous. It is a country recovering from the psychological trauma of going through genocide. This is the context where I found her (the poem). She was surrounded by an atmosphere of glass in a museum. Her smile was as dim as the metaphors she carried in her mouth. There were many potential poems in this commemoration building but she looked at me with a begging gaze, asking me to share her story with whomever I came in contact with. Blink. Too busy to save her from her shiny prison I took a photograph of her face with the intention of translating it into words. Blink. A year later, in the summer of 09 while visiting family in Calgary I found myself in the basement and the metaphorical water in my pen broke – I was in labor, ready to give birth to this poem. It sometimes is a frantic and awkward sight to behold, me writing a poem. I begin pacing around the room, flaying my hands in all compass directions; grunting, sighing, and snapping pencils, tearing pages, screaming. It sounds like an exorcism I know but it can also be very beautiful. After a couple of excruciating hours of pleasure she was born, a brand new baby poem. She has eyes like her father but her grandmother’s smile. Since her birth we have traveled the world telling her story, introducing people to her face, giving her a name. Her name is “Kay.”


Directors Name: R.W. Perkins

Producers Name : R.W. Perkins

Poet : R.W. Perkins


Over drinks, at the end of a very long day, have you ever felt completely alone talking with a group of friends? Smalltalk & little Else explores the inner workings of the mind, while attempting to put on your best face for friends and family. 

Shot in Fort Collins own Cafe Vino, a new but notable Old Town staple, with their stand alone atmosphere, cocktails and tapas. Camera work provided by: Andy Carrasco of Studio Carrasco Films.


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