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The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival - selections program 1  



Directors Name: Indie Venture

Producers Name : Ian Keteku

Poet: Ian Keteku

Synopsis: Right Side Up is an animated exploration of what it means to think of the world in a different view. This fun and cute song forces us to look at everything through the lens of the opposite. Poet Ian Keteku is joined by ukulele weilding troubadour Brad Morden. Also featured on the track is Chloe Perrault and Gabrielle Giguere providing back up vocals. Animation is done by Scotland-based artist Indie Venture.


Directors Name: Patrick Sheridan

Producers Name : Patrick Sheridan

Poet: Patrick Sheridan

Synopsis: The Barking Horse is a three minute film about a dog named Horse. People have called it inspiring, awesome, confusing, brilliant, moving, and beautiful.  Now you can decide.


Directors Name: Terry Wragg

Producers Name : Terry Wragg

Synopsis: Two friends were talking about their mothers, who had both died the previous year. One, the poet, at some stage said, do you mind if I make notes? Years later the other, a film-maker, said, do you mind if I film your poem?

Artist Statement : This film was made in a month to meet a deadline from the publishers, Comma Press.




Directed By: Matthew Cox

Produced By: Sasha Hough

Poet: Sasha Hough

Synopsis: What the night inspires The day takes away.

Artist Statement : I think we have all been there. All had that one great idea or moment of clarity just before we are pulled into the land of dreams. Then wake, unable to retrieve it. This piece came to me in one of those moments and I had the presence of mind to lie there, reciting it over in my head, until I had the confidence I would be able to get up and record it. Matt and I collaborated closely to bring his interpretation of my writing into being. Exploring all the places your mind wanders through on your evening journey. Picking up knowledge in one place, putting it down in another, and leaving you empty handed in the morning.


Directors Name: David Wharton

Producers Name : David Wharton

Poet: Tony Walsh

Synopsis: "Sometimes" is all about regret. Sometimes you would give everything you own to change just one moment in time. Genre: Drama Running time: 2:20

Artist Statement : "Sometimes" is a powerful collaboration between an award-winning international poet, a talented director and a respected UK television and stage actor. This beautifully shot and emotionally devastating short film has been moving audiences to tears in less than two and a half minutes. With screenings at poetry and film festivals around the UK and in Sicily.


Directors Name: Heather Haley

Producers Name : Josef Roehrl

Poet: Heather Haley

Synopsis: The audience is along for a wild ride in "How To Remain" with a compulsive protagonist resolutely heading toward an elusive goal of perfection, perpetually struggling to stay on, to stay thin. *How to remain in control* is at the heart of anorexia and bulimia. Ubiquitous images of the ideal woman provide pressure and induce anxiety. She turns to her trusty steed but instead of her body disintegrating, the horsewithers away. A symbol of intense desire and instinct, the animal's ribs begin protruding as it becomes increasingly emaciated until finally disappearing with a *POOF!* Though eating disorders are serious matter, the story is really about facing our all-too-human mortality. *Remain* is the key word and our secret desire, fueling our heroine’s quest for eternal youth and beauty, i.e., immortality. She is in a race. A horse race. A rat race? Or a labyrinth. Reel time accelerates as it does in real life, time seemingly flying by with advancing years as we move toward our inevitable departure. Of course *how* we live is what really matters.


Directors Name: Kate Sweeney Artist

Producers Name : Colette Bryce Poet

Poet:  Colette Bryce

Synopsis: 'Ballasting The Ark' involves drawing, copying, inventing, imagining and re-imagining of some of the activity taking place in the poem. The film begins as a sketch, or workings-out on paper; like a god sketching out an ‘Ark’; divine imagination, moving toward an opposing set of ideas – the science of observing ‘reality’, and of a scientist looking, counting, analysing, removing, deleting.

Artist Statement : In 2012 visual artist Kate Sweeney collaborated with poet Colette Bryce to produce these three poem / films as part of her residency at The Dove Marine laboratory in Cullercoats, in the North East of England. Photography, drawings, video and sound was taken in and around the Dove Marine Laboratoryand used to explore some of the motifs, rhythms, ideas and patterns that arise in Colette’s poems. In the poems, Colette to some extent celebrates the act of looking, for the poet and the scientist: the films take this visual thread forward into a new realm. I am trying to create a tension between the words and accentuate the rhythm and sounds of the spoken word through imagery.


Directors Name: Tom Konyves 

Producers Name: Tom Konyves

Poet: Tom Konyves

Synopsis: "Sign Language" (1984) is a videopoem constructed entirely from images of graffiti around the city of Vancouver. The rhythm of the work is created by the synchronized editing of the images with the soundtrack. The music I selected for the work, entitled "You Haunt Me", is performed by the saxophonist John Lurie with the group Lounge Lizards. Unlike most of my work, the soundtrack complements the visual presentation. The title of the work contains the double meaning of hand-sign language, used to communicate with the deaf.

A pure example of "found poetry", this videopoem gives voice to the faceless underground of Vancouver's east side, bearing witness to their outrage and pain, their uncompromising and sometimes anarchic vision of the absurdity in our lives, all with a measured touch of humour to remind us that the family of man – no matter how far outcast we may be – includes each and every one of us


Directors Name: Rachel Laine

Producers Name : Rachel Laine

Poet: Charlotte Henson

Synopsis: An allegorical interpretation of loss, hate and love, visualized as a be-jewelled and deathly fish.

Artist Statement : A collaboration between graphic artist Rachel Laine and British poet Charlotte Henson.


Directors Name: Cheryl Gross

Producers Name : Cheryl Gross

Poet : Nicelle Davis

Synopsis: Becoming Judas is a motion graphic/animation that illustrates 4 poems from the book by the same name. Poet Nicelle Davis has reinterpreted the bible, interweaving her life and establishing rock icons as biblical entities. The illustrations by Cheryl Gross add clarity to Nicelle’s poetry, allowing the audience to comprehend and recognize the significance of the work. This along with the music of Karl Preusser adds perfection to the collaboration. Individually the illustrations, music, and poetry all stand on their own. However, the combination has surpassed their traditional categories, and transcended into New Media. The poems are as follows: 1970 December 1980 The Tree Judas chose, Unlikely Origins and the Book Of Mormon. .

Artist Statement : Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Cheryl Gross is an illustrator and motion graphic artist living and working in the New York area. She is a professor at Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College where she teaches her vocation. “I equate my work with creating and building an environment, transforming my inner thoughts into reality. Beginning with the physical process, I work in layers. I am involved in solving visual and verbal complexities such as design and narrative. My urban influence has indeed added an ‘edge’ to my work.” The result: mini animockumentaries that are based on the absurdities of life. Many have compared Cheryl’s work to “Dr. Seuss on crack.”


Absent Voices is an arts project celebrating the legacy of the Greenock Sugar Sheds, vast Category A listed hulking relics of the sugar trade, a dark and sweet slice of Scots history. Absent Voices commissioned 6 films from Filmpoem, a project by artist Alastair Cook dedicated to the filming of words; a philanthropic and collaborative venture committed to attracting audiences to new writing.

Directed by: Alastair Cook

Poets:  Sheree Mack, John Glenday, Jane McKie, Brian Johnstone, Vicki Feaver, Gérard Rudolf


Directors Name: Kris JY Verdonck

Producers Name : Kris JY Verdonck

Poet: Peter Wullen

Synopsis: Visual attack on Peter Wullen's poem "Putain" which was inspired by Penelope Rosemont's The Loreley. Stopmotion, pixilation and edited images of Eadward Muybridge. This English version is slightly different from the Dutch one Tec Specs: Canon eos 500D, After Effects, Premiere, PS


Directors Name: David Richardson

Producers Name : David Richardson

Synopsis: A meditation on the Mantis Shrimp's 16 photoreceptors, a yellow blouse from the past, and a desire for more and more color.

Artist Statement : Dave Richardson specializes in graphic design, fine typography, and interactive/motion design. His work has been shown in group and solo shows across the United States and in the UK. Clients include regional and national organizations, companies, and artists.


Directors Name: Ebele Okoye

Producers Name : Ebele Okoye

Poet: Simone Kanter

Synopsis: On the streets of a small suburb, a strange woman displays a strange behavioural pattern


Mouth is an erasure film with a poem about language and how it is articulated.

Directors Name: Timothy David Orme

Producers Name : Timothy David Orme

Poet: Timothy David Orme


Directors Name: Susanne Wiegner

Producers Name : Susanne Wiegner

Poet: Robert Lax

Synopsis: "something I remember" is a poem by Robert Lax that describes a certain moment outside of time and space during a rainy night. For the film the letters of the poem are divided in a large amount of layers. These layers become spaces, streets and the falling rain. And at the end ... "there is nothing particular about it to recall."

Artist Statement : That's the third film of my Robert Lax trilogy


Directors Name: Michelle Elrick

Producers Name : Michelle Elrick

Poet:  Michelle Elrick

Synopsis: Poet Michelle Elrick approaches “home” through blanket forts, poetry and collected sounds in this stark and beautiful film from the Canadian prairie. “expect something and nothing at once” follows the poet from the stillness of a room to the windswept, late-Autumn field where she struggles to recreate the essence of home.

Artist Statement : This film is part of the larger project Notes from the Fort: a poetic of inhabited space, a series of performance installations that create intimate places in unfamiliar environments through the play-act of fort building. Using only existing structures and a suitcase full of hand-crafted materials, each fort is constructed, inhabited, noted and dismantled in a live poetic document of sense of place and the origins of home. Notes From the Fort was under way in Reykjavík, Iceland from July-August 2012, then moved to Winnipeg, Canada from September-November 2012. The soundscape that underlies the film was made from sounds collected from the poet/director’s ancestral homes of Austria and Scotland, as well as sounds collected during the implementation of the project in Reykjavík. The poem “expect something and nothing at once” is an imagistic retelling of the poet’s personal sense of home, focusing briefly on a series of bright, vivid images that carry the listener within the walls of the fort and of the poem itself.


Directors Name: Craig Conoley

Producers Name : Craig Conoley


Synopsis: A wheel is a metaphor for life’s inevitable progression forward. It represents the feminine spirit of force, the cosmos, a spiritualized mother earth, the passing of time and the cyclical nature of life. Husniyah is a cinepoem that fuses these broader ideas with the poetry of JUST JAMAAL; a spoken word artist from Ottawa Canada who blends theater, song and dance to elevate his poetry performances. Jamal’s process of thought reveals a dilemma facing parents and artists alike: How does one let go of their greatest creation?

Artist Statement : Craig Allen Conoley has been producing and directing documentaries since 2002. After graduating from Queen’s Univerity in 2008, he spent a year in Nepal as a Communications Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture and Development where he procured a number of documentaries on the Cooperative Movement. Returning to Canada in 2009, he then took a producing and editing position at Watchmojo.com, one of the countries largest web video content creators. Craig now resides in Ottawa, Canada where he owns and operates Partus Films. His latest body of work focuses on cinematic expressions of poetry. Their is a poetry of the eye that precedes the written word, tech innovation, or human language. Craig is concerned with fusing the poetry of the visible world with the poetry of the written word.


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