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2018 Juteback Poetry Film Festival Selections


Directors Name: Steven Fox

Poets Name: Steven Fox


Directors Name: Kate Sweeney

Producers Name: Kate Sweeney

Poets Name: Anna Woodford


Directors Name: Kidst Ayalew Abebe

Producers Name: Li Anchroniye

Poets Name: Femi Bájúlayé.



Producers Name: FUAD NASER

Poets Name: SADI TAIF

The Entropy of Forgiveness

Directors Name: Merissa Victor

Producers Name: moses c.c

Poets Name: Angelica Poversky

Alphabet Conspiracy

Directors Name: Rita Mae Reese

Producers Name: Neal Cohen

Poets Name: Rita Mae Reese


Directors Name: Mark Niehus

Producers Name: Mark Niehus

Poets Name: Mark Niehus

One Step Away

Directors Name: Caroline Rumley

Producers Name: Caroline Rumley

Poets Name: Caroline Rumley


Directors Name: Eduardo Yagüe

Producers Name: GIFT Producciones

Poets Name: Samuel Beckett


Directors Name: Lisa Seidenberg

Poets Name: Gertrude Stein

Light Ghazal

Directors Name: Marie Craven

Producers Name: Marie Craven

Poets Name: Matt Hetherington

Au jardin bleu (In the Blue Garden)

Directors Name: Gilbert Sevigny

Producers Name: Jean Coulombe

Poets Name: Jean Coulombe

Motto: A Poem by Bertolt BRecht

Directors Name: Kathryn Darnell

Producers Name: Kathryn Darnell

Poets Name: Bertolt Brecht


Directors Name: Dan Douglas

Producers Name: Paul Summers

Poets Name: Paul Summers

The Bird

Directors Name: Jutta Pryor

Producers Name: Jutta Pryor

Poets Name: Matt Dennison

I Don't Know

Directors Name: Vivek Jain

Producers Name:

Poets Name: Kirti Pherwani

Coyote Wedding

Directors Name: Jane Glennie

Producers Name: Jane Glennie

Poets Name: Brittani Sonnenberg

Preschool Poets: An Animated Series

Directors Name: Nancy Kangas

Producers Name: Nancy Kangas

Poets Name: Various Various

My Lover's Pretty Mouth

Directors Name: Cindy St. Onge

Producers Name: Cindy St. Onge

Poets Name: Cindy St. Onge

Home to the Hangers

Directors Name: A D Cooper

Producers Name: A D Cooper Kate Rowland

The Danger Meditations

Directors Name: Ellen Hemphill and Jim Haverkamp

Producers Name: Ellen Hemphill and Jim Haverkamp

Poets Name: Marc Zegans

The Names of Trees

Directors Name: Jack Pamela Cochran Falkenberg

Producers Name: Pamela Falkenberg

Poets Name: Lucy English

Fatal when they Touch

Directors Name: Luna - Adrian - Gines Montenegro - Fisher - Olivares

Producers Name: Luna - Adrian - Gines Montenegro - Fisher - Olivares

Don't Tell Me I'm Beautiful

Directors Name: Eliot Michl

Producers Name: Eliot Michl

Poets Name: Eliot Michl

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