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Production title: Small Town Remedies
Union / Non-Union: Non- Union
Production Type: Independent Pro
Project length: Feature Film (95 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: Aug 16. 2018
Production location: Denver & Northern Colorado
Production Company: Juteback Productions, LLC, 
Company website: www.jutebackproductions.com
Director: R.W. Perkins
Producers: R.W. Perkins, Andy Carrasco, Lea Marlene, Andrea Woodley-Dratch
Casting Director: Lea Marlene
Audition Location: Lea Marlene’s Actors Studio
Shooting Location:  TBD
Email: randy@jutebackproductions.com
Compensation: Monetary, film credit and festival circulation


Auditions: Tuesday, September 11, 10am–2pm

Call Backs: Monday,September 17, 6pm–8pm

Please sign up for casting at: www.jutebackproductions.com
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Rehearsal Dates:  TBD
Shooting Dates: TBD


Small Town Remediesis a dramatic comedy about siblings Lita and Evan, who are forced to put their troubled personal lives on hold while they help their alcoholic mother through a relapse. Eventually, Lita and Evan are compelled to deal with their own possible addictions. This emotional tale of a family coming to grips with its substance abuse issues will leave you laughing and crying, often at the same time.

Character BIOS


Thirty-five-year-old mother of two, Lita Wilson-Young’s struggling marriage is put aside while she makes a last-ditch effort to help her mother, Carlee, with her lifelong battle with alcohol. Lita and her younger brother Evan attempt to detox their mother. This long day inevitably reveals all of Lita’s shortcomings, including her own addiction and adulterous behavior.

[EVAN] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 20–30]

In his early twenties, Evan Young’s only worry seems to be the anniversary of his father’s death – until his girlfriend Addie reveals she is pregnant with their child, and his sister Lita calls with news of the disappearance of their alcoholic mother, Carlee.  


Now in her late fifties to early sixties, Carlee Young has lived her life as the definition of a functional alcoholic. Struggling as a single mother after the suicide of her husband, Carlee turned to the bottle and never turned away. But after ten months sober, everything seems to be going right for her, living with her oldest daughter’s family – until the anniversary of her husband’s death seems to begin the cycle of addiction again. 


Micah Mills is Carlee Young’s sponsor, in a manner of speaking. A pseudo born-again believer dedicated to his sobriety, Micah has been around the block and back again. Carlee insists on having Micah by her side for his expertise in all things drug-related, but mainly because of her continued romantic feelings after their short but meaningful affair.


Addie just found out that she’s pregnant and her boyfriend, Evan seems less than thrilled. Ever quiet and confident, Addie’s grace seems to be Evan’s beacon of hope through a troubling day. 


Vincent Wilson is Lita’s husband. In a troubled marriage, Vincent works hard to patch things up, unaware of the extent of his wife’s addictive and adulterous behaviors.


Dr. Middleton is Lita and Vincent’s marriage counselor. Well-educated and well-intended, Dr. Middleton soon finds that he is in well over his head with these two patients. 


Young and gorgeous, Bodie James is Lita’s well-hidden secret fling. Bodie appears to be boyish and naive but may be a pretty boy trickster. 


Street-smart and beautiful, Kiki has Bodie’s attention, Lita’s drugs, and a wedding ring. And Lita; well, she’s had enough of Kiki. 


An old drinking buddy of Carlee’s who wishes he and Carlee could be a bit more than friends.


In the wrong place at the wrong time. This Nosy Neighbor gets an earful for being thoughtful enough to try to help.

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