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Production title: Crash & Burn Stories
Union / Non-Union: Non- Union
Production Type: Independent Pro
Project length: Feature Film (86 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: April 1 2015
Production location: Fort Collins CO.
Production Company: Juteback Productions, LLC, S.C. Films
Company website: www.jutebackproductions.com
Director: R.W. Perkins
Producers: R.W. Perkins, Andy Carrasco
Casting Director: R.W. Perkins
Audition Location: Wild Boar Cafe 1510 S. Collage Ave. Fort Collins, CO. 80526
Shooting Location:  Fort Collins
Email: randy@jutebackproductions.com
Compensation: Monetary, film credit and festival circulation



Please sign up for casting at: www.jutebackproductions.com
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Call Backs: May 4th, 2015 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Rehearsal Dates:  TBDT

Shooting Dates: 

June 5, 2015 full day

June 6, 2015 full day

June 7, 2015 full day

June 9, 2015 shooting 5pm to 10pm

June 10, 2015 shooting 5pm to 10pm

June 11, 2015 full day

June 13, 2015 full day

June 14, 2015 full day

June 20, 2015 full day

June 21, 2015 full day


"Crash & Burn Stories" follows a young Alex Montgomery on a journey of self discovery as he finds himself at odds with his mother (Beverly) and her boyfriend/fiancé (Conway Edwards). Beverly and Conway attempt to merge their troubled pasts by introducing Alex to Conway’s daughter (Lottie). Alex and Lottie bond quickly over their uneasy family life, but overall, their feelings of disdain over Conway and Beverly’s coming nuptials. Anger and angst turns romantic for Lottie and Alex as they twist a twisted situation even further. This emotional tale is one of laughter and tears as lives are changed and lessons are learned.

Character BIOS


When nothing seems to go right there are those who breakdown and those who move on and make the best of the situation, Alex prefers forward motion. Smart, thoughtful, young and passionate,  Alex’s cynical sense of humor is worn on his sleeve as he navigates the pitfalls of his broken family life.


Beautiful, young and fiery, Lottie’s emotional state seems to hang from a very thin, very fragile thread. As Lottie attempts to reconnect with her father (Conway) she is shocked and hurt to learn his recently engaged to be married to a late 30 something divorcee (Beverly). Forced to face her delicate nature, Lottie reluctantly confides in her future stepbrother (Alex), the two seem surprised when romantic feelings begin to surface. 


Tough natured while searching for her happily ever after, Beverly seems to think the world owes her something after having faced a tragic romantic history. Beverly’s relationship with her son (Alex) is put to the test to pursue her happy ending with an aging divorced man (Conway Edwards).


The 40 something drunken gambler. Conway is a personality throw back to a time of misogyny and machismo. This nearly lovable deadbeat finds himself engaged to a single mother (Beverly) while trying to lay to rest demons from a previous marriage and a fractured relationship with his daughter (Lottie).  


The broken ex-housewife, Minnie seems to be held together by booze, spite and the love of her daughter. After separating from her ex-husband (Conway) Minnie seems to have lost her way as an individual and as a mother.

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