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Juteback Poetry Film Festival 2017 - Trailer

Poetry and filmmaking converge for this unique, one night only event. Featuring films from around the globe, the Juteback Poetry Film Festival highlights the creative migration of two art forms, video & poetry, also known as Videopoetry. JPFF is Colorado’s only poetry film festival and one of only two screening in the U.S. today.  Join us on Friday, June 23rd at Wolverine Farm Publishing’s Letterpress and Publick House, 316 Willow St, @ 7:30 in Fort Collins CO. No advanced ticketing available, $10 at the door.

Here it is, the premiere you’ve all been waiting for. Crash & Burn Stories Colorado premiere will be at the Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins CO May 20th, 21st and 22nd. 7pm screenings both Friday and Saturday with a Q&A to follow. Sunday at 3pm with a Q&A to follow. Advanced ticketing available now!

The End of Auditions

How can it have been a month already? I feel like we just posted the casting call for Crash & Burn Stories and we just had our 3rd and final night of auditions. 

Call Backs start Sunday the 3rd and then we’ll finish up on Friday the 8th. 

We’ll be at the Wild Boar Cafe in Fort Collins if you feel like saying hello.    

Casting Call For "Crash & Burn Stories"

Hello All,

The Casting Call for "Crash & Burn Stories" went out on April 1st and we've already had a lot of interest, so thanks to everyone who has pinned, posted and shared. 

For those of you who don't know "Crash & Burn Stories" first audition date is April 15th at the Wild Boar Cafe in Fort Collins CO. We'll be Auditioning from 6 to 9 pm. I know 3 hours is a tight time table, and we've already had a lot of talented people sign up, so, if you or someone you know maybe interested please tell them to sign up now. 

Thanks again for all your support Colorado, you never cease to amaze.  

Crash & Burn Stories casting call poster .jpg

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