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Juteback Productions mission is to create motion pictures that entertain. We strive to move, provoke, infuriate, illuminate the senses to bring about laughter, sadness, gladness along with a well of other emotions that seems to motivate the cathartic energy in us all. 

Juteback was created by writer, producer, filmmaker, R.W. Perkins as an outlet to his more creative endeavors. R.W. has written and produced several short films that have appeared all over the world as well as produced many T.V. commercials in the Colorado area. 

Noted festivals include - New Belgium Brewery’s Clips of Faith - 2012, Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin Germany and Canon’s Project Imagination top 20 finalist in 2013.

Juteback’s next adventure begins soon with the pre-production of its newest project Small Town Remedies.

Small Town Remedies is a dramatic comedy about siblings Lita and Evan, who are forced to put their troubled personal lives on hold while they help their alcoholic mother through a relapse. Eventually, Lita and Evan are compelled to deal with their own possible addictions. This emotional tale of a family coming to grips with its substance abuse issues will leave you laughing and crying, often at the same time.

2015 Production Crash and Burn Stories

Crash & Burn Stories follows a young Alex Montgomery, who finds himself at odds with his mother (Beverly) and her alcoholic, misogynistic boyfriend/fiancé (Conway Edwards). Beverly and Conway announce their coming nuptials over an awkward breakfast with Alex and Conway's estranged daughter (Lottie). Alex and Lottie bond quickly over their dislike towards Conway and Beverly's engagement. Anger and angst turn romantic for Lottie and Alex as they twist this twisted situation further. This emotional tale is one of laughter and tears as lives change, and lessons are learned.

Festivals and screenings

  • Visions of Snow; Selected - Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2018

  • Visions of Snow; Selected - Zebra Poetry Film Festival 2018 

  • Crash & Burn Stories Hometown screening, Fort Collins CO July 16th, 2016

  • Crash & Burn Stories Hometown screening, Fort Collins CO July 9th, 2016

  • Crash & Burn Stories 3 Day Premiere, Fort Collins CO, May 22nd, 2016

  • Crash & Burn Stories 3 Day Premiere, Fort Collins CO, May 21st, 2016

  • Crash & Burn Stories 3 Day Premiere, Fort Collins CO, May 20th, SOLD OUT

  • Private Screening feature film Crash & Burn Stories Oct, 2015

  • The Big Wait, Selected: Choice City Film Festival, Fort Collins CO - Nov, 2013

  • The Big Wait, Selected: Canon's Project Imaginat10n Film Contest top 20 finalist - Oct, 2013

  • Visible Verse Poetry Film Festival, Vancouver B.C. Canada - Oct, 2013

  • Filmpoem Festival, Dunbar Scotland - Aug 3rd & 4th 2013

  • The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival, Fort Collins CO. May 4th 2013

  • International Film Poetry Festival, Athens Greece - Dec. 10th 2012

  • Pluto Audio and Visual Festival, Opwijk Belgium - Oct. 24th 2012

  • Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin Germany - Oct. 19th - 23rd 2012

  • Visible Verse Poetry Film Festival, Vancouver B.C. Canada - Oct. 13 2012

  • Denver Indie Fest, Denver CO. Aug 30th - Sept 1st. 2012

  • New Belgium Brewery's Clips Beer and Film Tour 2012

  • Road 34 Clips Sneak peek May 16th

    1. St. Louis Forest Park, World's Fair Pavilion May 18th

    2. K.C. These Park May 31st

    3. Bloomington Indiana, June 5th 2012

    4. Des Moines, Iowa - Pappa John Park, June 15th

    5. Madison, Wisconsin - Olin Park, June 22nd

    6. Boulder, Colorado - June 28th

    7. Flagstaff, AZ. Thorpe Park July 13th

    8. Santa Cruz, CA. July 20th

    9. Seattle, Washington, Gas Works Park - July 27th

    10. Portland, OR. Waterfront Park, Aug 3

    11. Missoula, MT. Aug 10th

    12. Davis. CA. Aug 17th

    13. Asheville, TN. Aug 31st

    14. Fort Collins CO. Sept 13th

    15. Atlanta, GA, Sept 14th

    16. Athens, GA, Sept 21st

    17. Charleston, NC. Sept 27th

    18. Charlotte, NC. Oct. 5th

    19. Three Short By: R.W. Perkins , March 15th 2012, The Lyric Cinema Cafe

  • Three Short By: R.W. Perkins , March 15th 2012, The Lyric Cinema Cafe


R.W. Perkins is a poet, writer and filmmaker from Fort Collins, Colorado. Perkins’ just finished writing, directing, producing his first feature film “Crash & Burn Stories” which is set to premiere at The Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins CO May 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2016. other notable works and achievements include his short subject film ”The Big Wait" a top 20 finalist in Canon and Ron Howard's Project Imaginat10n Film Contest. Perkins' work has been published on the Atticus ReviewMoving PoemsThe Denver EgotistThe Connotation Press and The Huffington Post Denver.  His work has been featured at film festivals all over the world including an 18 state tour with the New Belgium Brewery’s Clips Beer & Film Tour in 2012 and at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. Perkins is also the creator and director of The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival, Colorado's first poetry film festival.

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