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Official Selections - Juteback Poetry Film Festival 2017

Name of Film: Anatomy

Country Of Origin: Australia

Directors Name: Marie Craven

Poets Name: Dave Bonta

Synopsis: A short reflection on reality and the body.

Name of Film: Sometimes the Water

Country Of Origin: Australia

Directors Name: Marie Craven

Poets Name: Kallie Falandays

Synopsis: One woman's journey through a stream of consciousness.

Name of Film: The Poster Reads: ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT

Country Of Origin: USA

Directors Name: Cheryl Gross

Poets Name: Nicelle Davis

Synopsis: This videopoem tells of the emotional impact that terrorist drills, conducted by police in the U.S., have on non-affluent communities.

Name of Film: canine

Country Of Origin: Australia

Directors Name: Ian Gibbins

Poets Name: Ian Gibbins

Synopsis: "Now is the time of night when I wish I could piss like a dog... on this side of the law, I do not really care..." Something about territoriality and the dispossession that ensues. Perhaps our urban future is little more than a dog's life, running the streets in the grainy afterdark, virtually colourblind, hunkered close to ground, following old scent trails, barely aware of the disaster about to befall us...

Name of Film: GASOLINA

Country Of Origin: SPAIN

Directors Name: EDUARDO YAGÜE

Producers Name: GIFT Producciones


Synopsis: 'Gasolina' is a poem by James Brush, a short road movie full of passion, love and crucial decisions.

Song For Awe and Dread,  Film By -  Tommy Becker

Song For Awe and Dread, Film By - Tommy Becker

Name: Tommy Becker

Name of Film: Song for Awe and Dread

Country Of Origin: USA

Directors Name: Tommy Becker

Poets Name: Tommy Becker

Synopsis: Through its symbolic meditation on mortality, this work attempts to find meaning between the fleeting flavors of bubblegum and cultural programming that entrenches us in our denial of death.

Name of Film: Kingdom

Country Of Origin: Australia

Directors Name: Sebastian Ulriksen

Producers Name: Myles Everden

Poets Name: Candy Royalle

Synopsis: An evaluation of humans as a species and how we are completely disconnected from the kingdom. The kingdom being all flora and fauna that is housed and has adapted to the environment of earth. All humans believe that we are the dominant species because of our intelligence, but what do we know of dominance. Nothing compared to that of a predatory animal, nothing compared to that of the power of the Alpha. Nothing compared to the pure adrenaline and instinct of the prey.

Name: Max Stossel

Name of Film: This Panda Is Dancing

Country Of Origin: USA

Directors Name: Sander Van Dijk

Producers Name: Max Stossel

Poets Name: Max Stossel

Synopsis: A poetic plea to the architects of our digital world, to create a more human future.

Name: Jack Cochran

Name of Film: The Eternal Footman

Country Of Origin: USA

Directors Name: Jack and Pam Cochran and Falkenberg

Producers Name: Pamela Falkenberg

Poets Name: Jack Cochran

Synopsis: Inspired by a single polaroid still and a short poem by Jack Cochran, and haunted by T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," "The Eternal Footman" reflects upon and explores the space between callow youth and bitter experience, exemplified by an action figure whose only superpower is circling the drain.

Name: Marc Neys

Name of Film: Aleppo

Country Of Origin: Belgium

Directors Name: Marc Neys

Poets Name: Howie Good

Synopsis: Videopoem for the poem 'Aleppo' by Howie Good

Things we should not forget!

Words: Howie Good
Concept, camera, editing, music: Swoon
Soundbites: news bits on Al Jazeera

Name: Stevie Ronnie

Name of Film: Four Years from Now, Walking with My Daughter

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Directors Name: Liam Owen

Poets Name: Stevie Ronnie

Synopsis: Based on the poem written by Stevie Ronnie after the birth of his first child this animated poetry film explores the emotional experience shared by parents as their children grow further apart from them with age, whilst touching on the wider themes of love and loss. It is also a love letter from the writer and director to the stunning countryside in Northumberland, UK that they enjoyed together as kids.

Name of Film: What I Should Have Said

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Directors Name: Alastair Cook

Poets Name: Stevie Ronnie

Synopsis: ‘What I Should Have Said’ is a film by Alastair Cook, commissioned as part of Arctica.

Arctica is a series of interlinked artworks, borne from writer and artist Stevie Ronnie’s 2013 journey to the High Arctic through the Arctic Circle international residency programme. As part of Arctica, Alastair Cook was commissioned by Stevie to make a triptych of Filmpoems with sound by Italian composer Luca Nasciuti. The films also feature Arctic footage shot by US-based artist Michael Eckblad alongside found footage from Alastair’s collection.

Name of Film: Moments That Breathe

Country Of Origin: United States

Directors Name: Meghan McDonald

Poets Name: Meghan McDonald

Synopsis: "Moments That Breathe" is the poet/director/producer's first poetry video attempt, made in 2015 without knowing that the genre existed. The video focuses on images that are subtly beautiful and often times missed, while the poem's words question the meaning of every day trivialities.

Name of Film: Triptych

Country Of Origin: Armenia

Directors Name: Edik Boghosian

Poets Name: Alireza Roshan

Synopsis: This is a love story based on Iranian poet Alireza Roshan's 3 short poems.
In this violent era when nobody has enough time to share, searching for love, peace & harmony is carrying a lamp in the daytime, like Diogenes. But always there are some people who sacrifice themselves to prove that there is something worthy is still remained in this world.

Love in 9 Postcards Around the World - Film by: Ana Maria Vallejo 

Love in 9 Postcards Around the World - Film by: Ana Maria Vallejo 

Name of Film: Love in Nine Postcards around the World

Country Of Origin: Germany

Directors Name: Ana Maria Vallejo

Poets Name: Ana Maria Vallejo

Synopsis: Ese is a journalist and has to travel due to work. Meanwhile, Ele (her partner) stays at home with his plants and his work as a biologist as company. In her absence, they correspond with postcards and their correspondence comes to embody their love, which is inevitably transformed with time and distance.

Name of Film: Punolo Jerdi Legi

Country Of Origin: UK / Panama

Directors Name: Jack Wake-Walker

Poets Name: Valentin Alvarado

Synopsis: A man living a remote island existence describes his love for a beautiful girl. Punolo Jerdi Legi is the first poetry film made in the language of the Guna Yala people of Panama.


Country Of Origin: Thailand / Germany

Directors Name: Ryan Anderson

Producers Name: Ryan Anderson OXLAEY MEDIA

Poets Name: Rossanee Nurfarida

Synopsis: LOST IN HOMELAND is a video poem read by the author Ms. Rossanee Nurfarida while stranded on a boat perched at the top of a four-story, urban house. Ms. Nurfarida’s current collection of poetry, "Far Away From Our Own Homes", was a Finalist for the 2016 South East Asian Writers Award. Lost in Homelandwas written in 2015 during the Rohingya refugee crisis when thousands of stateless Rohingya from Myanmar set out on old fishing boats seeking a better future. The video’s visual references to Islam extend the poem’s metaphor, commenting on southern Thailand’s Muslim minority as a people stranded in the country of their birth.

Name of Film: Love's River of Errors

Country Of Origin: USA

Directors Name: David Richardson

Poets Name: David Richardson

Synopsis: The ocean, addiction, making a few collages to discover some kind of meaning in my sister's death.

Name of Film: Magpies

Country Of Origin: Wales, United Kingdom

Directors Name: Lucy Corbett

Poets Name: Lucy Corbett

Synopsis: A filmpoem about superstitions, and the belief they will bring us luck. The poet talks about always saying hello to magpies, and ponders on the luck she is owed.

Name of Film: Numbers

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Directors Name: Maciej Piatek

Poets Name: Lucy English

Synopsis: Numbers is a second short film made in collaboration with a Bristol based writer and poet Lucy English. The film is a part of Lucy's Phd project called " The Book of Hours. This is the second film in which Lucy wrote a poem to a fully developed visual story. We only discussed some vague associations before the poem was written. 
Lucy English on the Book of Hours project
''The Book of Hours is my current PhD in digital writing project and is an attempt to create a contemporary secular digital version of a ‘Book of Hours’. I want to explore the notion that our electronic devices are not just for distraction but can also be used as tools for reflection. The ‘readership’ will be international rather than regional or national and this is emphasised by my use of international film makers, such as Marc Neys from paddingelgium and a product designer, Loki English from Berlin. Rather than the traditional reading experience of a book The Book of Hours can be experienced during moments of down time, such as waiting for a bus, or during the coffee break at work. 
The content of The Book of Hours will be a loose replication of the original books of hours. In the digital Book of Hours the ‘choice’ will be generated digitally but will reflect the time the viewer accesses the site.'' 
+ technical note - the voice over fading and lack of it at the end of the film are intentional
poem by Lucy English
music by Grupa Otwock
concept by Maciej Piatek

Name of Film: Holes in the Mountain

Country Of Origin: United States

Directors Name: Kai Carlson-Wee

Poets Name: Kai Carlson-Wee

Synopsis: Holes in the Mountain is a poetry film by Kai Carlson-Wee, shot during a freight hopping trip with Kai and his brother from Oakland to Portland, summer 2014. Through video, photography, poetry, and music, the film creates an associative narrative structure that seeks to explore rural American landscapes, spiritual poverty, and the experience of traveling by freight.

Name of Film: Hammersmith

Directors Name: Kate Sweeney

Poets Name: Sean O'Brien

Synopsis: 'Hammersmith' is a single-page animated poetryfilm, made in response to extracts from Sean O' Brien's same-titled poem. A fluid picture of 1950's London, drawn from the iconic cinematography from the 1952 film, 'Night And The City', which is a a beautifully shot film noir directed by Jules Dassin. It fixes the landscape of 1950's London in to the imagination, but at the same time presents the streets, buildings of London as a dreamy, melting set, a backdrop to the constant shifts and changes in the lives and fortunes of it's inhabitants.
In Kate Sweeney's film London is presented as a character, as fluid and changeable as The river Thames itself as it flows under The Hammersmith Bridge.

Name: Maximilian Penzinger

Name of Film: momentum

Country Of Origin: Austria

Directors Name:

Producers Name:

Poets Name: Christoph Haas

Synopsis: Momentum is a visual poem interpretation by Christoph Haas, Max Penzinger, Nicole Rathmayr, Isabella Rogl, Susanne Teufelauer and Astrid Wöhrer.
The world teeters on the brink of destruction and disruptive forces are destroying a city and its citizens. A lone individual resists and stands up to show a different path and release a pulse for change.

Name of Film: Break and Remake

Country Of Origin: United States

Directors Name: Martha McCollough

Poets Name: Martha McCollough

Synopsis: Fractured meditation on a failed romance

Artist Statement: Collaged images of monsters and vegetables, collaged text, competing screen text and voiceover. Assembled in After Effect, Logic, and a text-to-drum generator I found somewhere online.

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